Mercedes M113k "55 K" Supercharger Front Snout Support Bearing Kit

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Mercedes supercharger front shaft support bearing kit for the Mercedes IHI "55 "superchargers. 

E55, S55, SL55 ,G55, CL55 M113k ,ect ect

A1130900580 ,A1130900280 - v8 

The snout support bearing is situated between the pulley clutch and the supercharger front snout shaft, out side the front of the front side snout of the supercharger. This does not include the main section parts. See photo

This kit includes.

1 x High Quality High Precision Bearing

1x Shaft seal

1x Viton O-ring

You will need a 150mm ,3 arm pulley puller and a blow torch to remove the clutch unit from the supercharger but you can do this without removing the supercharger from the engine.

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