About BPP

Heres abit about BPP

The company started by pure need to solve the problems with parts and modifications when it came to my own Merc's

It all started with the 1987 W124 300D Turbo ( factory non turbo )

W124 300D Turbo

I purchased this car after reading about its potential after modifying these old diesels.

The car wasn't in very good running order when i got it - it was very, very slow.

After a few dyno runs and parts changed i was still getting almost nothing out of this 3L which now had a top mount turbo on it; then after lots of hard work and time on the spanners i found out that the pre cup seals were completely missing.W124 Pre cup leaking

After replacing the pre-cup seals it finally came alive and i pulled 740nm at the wheels on the dyno.The car was very surprising, it wasn't fast but it was very quick and made a lot of turbo noise. I would often see people looking around for a turbo skyline instead of the old diesel merc that's actually making all the noise.W124 300D turbo Dyno

At this point to make more HP i needed an injection pump upgrade by Diesel Meken, but I had also got to the point were I needed a gearbox that could really put down the power.

So I was on the hunt for a E55 gearbox..... then I ended up buying an already heavily modified E55.

W211  E55 & W124 300D Trubo

Now the E55 was stupid fast, it had already had extractors, Cats, Pulleys changed,ECU & TCU tunes,Gearbox upgrade with 3K Hi Stall,Heat exchange,2.88 Quaife LSD plus more...

Then after a few months I found the rear supercharger bearings were very noisy.

So I searched and searched and there was no option to buy the rear bearings.

I then purchased a spare supercharger  to take apart so i could find a solution to the problem, a few months later and lots of hours of pulling my hair out I'd figured it out.

Now I supply the parts in a simple kit so others can save the time and effort and replace the supercharger bearings