BPP After market Mercedes M113k "55 K" Supercharger Rear Bearing Kit

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Mercedes supercharger bearing kits for the Mercedes IHI "55 "superchargers. 

E55, S55, SL55 ,G55, CL55 M113k ,ect ect

A1130900580 ,A1130900280 - v8 

These kits are to replace the - RNU0314ZZCS25PX1 or RNU0313ZZPX1 bearings

This kit includes 2x high quality high precision bearings, 

These bearings are higher specification then the oem bearings and have been modified to stop the grease from escaping

Pre filled with high temperature application specific synthetic grease. 

5 page installation guide with photos will be emailed after purchase

Contact me for more details